Aromatic Profile

Perfectly balanced and delicately aromatic, 100% Fazenda Arabica coffee is made from high quality beans grown in the highlands of Brazil, where the variably wet and dry climate creates the ideal conditions for the plantations’ optimal growth.

Every can of Fazenda is a tribute to the Brazilian coffee producers, who only gather the ripe beans and discard the defective ones, with passion and dedication. It’s also thanks to these skilled farmers that this 100% Arabica has such high aromatic potential.

The result is a surprising and sumptuous cup of coffee. In the rich bouquet of aromas, the refined fragrance of toasted almonds stands out, allowing the unmistakable notes of a pure and sweet coffee with a soft and delicate character to emerge. Perfect after dinner or for treating your palate to a small luxury at any time of day.

From Gaetano Aiello’s Secret Recipe

100% Fazenda Arabica coffee is part of the generous tradition of blends inspired by Gaetano Aiello’s Secret Recipe, the exclusive alchemy at the basis of the unique and unmistakable flavour of every Caffè Aiello blend.

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