Aromatic Profile

The beans used for 100% Finca Arabica coffee come from the mountains of Central America, where the altitude, tropical climate, and fair amount of precipitation create the ideal conditions for cultivating a coffee with extraordinarily aromatic complexity.

This exceptional blend is a tribute to the relentless work of Central American coffee farmers, who know how to wait for just the right moment to harvest the beans when they’re perfectly ripe, something which is fundamental to ensuring the growth of top quality beans.

The combination of the highest quality Arabica beans from the countries of Central America creates a lively and surprising aromatic blend which is enhanced by the delicate floral and caramelized notes of this pure and sweet coffee. An extraordinary coffee that’s sure to brighten up any coffee break.

From Gaetano Aiello’s Secret Recipe

100% Finca Arabica coffee carries on the glorious tradition of the blends inspired by Gaetano Aiello’s Secret Recipe, the exclusive alchemy at the basis of the unique and unmistakable flavour of every one of our blends.

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