Aromatic Profile

With a unique flavour and outstanding organoleptic characteristics, 100% Irisha Arabica coffee is made from the highest quality beans cultivated in Africa, where the plant still grows spontaneously in some areas and the beans are picked by hand.

Every can of Irisha is a tribute to the African coffee farmers, who identify this crop with a form of emancipation, development, and livelihood. The ancient African tradition associated with this plant is, in and of itself, a guarantee of a high quality product.

The result is a miraculously balanced and delicate cup of coffee. Notes of chocolate and cocoa stand out in the elegant bouquet of aromas, contributing to the sweet and enveloping flavour of the coffee. The rich and full-bodied taste makes this blend perfect for a moment of untainted pleasure.

From Gaetano Aiello’s Secret Recipe

100% Irisha Arabica coffee continues the long tradition of the blends inspired by Gaetano Aiello’s Secret Recipe, the exclusive alchemy at the basis of the unmistakable flavour of each Caffè Aiello blend.

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