Coffee is one of the most loved and appreciated drinks in the world: but what if high blood pressure, tachycardia, insomnia or gastritis force you to give up the tasty and inviting taste?

Caffè Aiello has the solution for you: Decaffeinated blend, the solution just a click away so you don’t have to give up the pleasure of coffee without the risk of damaging your health! Thanks to this, say goodbye to giving up and make room for the pleasure of a good cup of coffee enjoyed comfortably on the couch, maybe in the company of your family or friends, without having to worry about what could happen to you afterwards!

The Decaffeinated Blend is a great compromise to combine pleasure and duty, without remorse and with a big smile on your face! If you’ve already bought the machine, try the decaffeinated wafers: with the 200-piece box you’ll surely have a good personal stock but, if you don’t want to overdo it, you can always buy the 100-piece box!

The Blend

You won’t believe it, but the Decaffeinated Blend proposed by Caffè Aiello is really sublime: a few sips are enough to immediately understand that there is no difference with other types of coffee containing caffeine. The taste, simply ecstatic and involving, will really leave you breathless! Decaffeinated coffee pods are ideal for those who want to enjoy them:

  • prefer or are forced to give up caffeine, an alkaloid that increases blood pressure, heartbeats and adrenaline release;
  • likes to take care of his body and wants to introduce a drink rich in antioxidants, which helps memory, prevents aging and promotes digestion;
  • wants to enjoy a coffee with an authentic taste, extracted through natural decaffeination and with an exceptional result.

Don’t give up tasting what you like, put aside prejudices and bad language and buy the perfect blend for you that, among many things, has nothing to envy to a variant containing caffeine!



200 pods









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