Are you one of those coffee lovers who can’t taste their favourite drink because of tachycardia, gastritis and high blood pressure? Then you are in the right place, because Caffè Aiello has the solution for you: Decaffeinated blend, perfect to obtain a unique and tasty taste without damaging your health! Thanks to the professionalism of Caffè Aiello, the renunciation will become just a distant memory and you will finally be able to sit on your couch and delight yourself with an excellent coffee after lunch, whether alone or in company, without embarrassment or guilt. The Decaffeinated Blend, in fact, is an excellent compromise to combine pleasure and duty, without remorse and with a big smile on your face! If you have already purchased the machine, enjoy all the intensity of decaffeinated coffee with decaffeinated capsules! In addition, to never go without, you can also buy the Decaffeinated Special Pack!

Decaffeinated Special Pack contents

The Aiello Coffee Decaffeinated Special Pack contains:

  • 5 packs of Decaffeinated Capsules, for a total of 50 capsules (10 capsules x 5 packs).

The Blend

Let go of prejudices and false beliefs: the Decaffeinated Blend proposed by Caffè Aiello is really sublime. Already after the first sip it will be clear to you that there is no difference with the other types of coffee and its taste, simply ecstatic and involving, will not make you regret in any way the presence of caffeine. This type, in fact, is perfect for people:

  • prefers or is forced to give up caffeine, an alkaloid that increases blood pressure, heartbeats and adrenaline release;
  • likes to take care of his body and wants to introduce a drink rich in antioxidants, which helps memory, prevents aging and promotes digestion;
  • wants to enjoy a coffee with an authentic taste, extracted through natural decaffeination and with an exceptional result.

Rely on the guarantees of Caffè Aiello: buy your Special Pack, try the capsules at any time of the day and don’t worry about the consequences anymore!

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50 capsules

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