What could be better than to start the day with the charge of an espresso? Surely, it’s the best way to get through your daily tasks with a sprint that only caffeine can give. If you can’t really carburettle without your dose of espresso in your body, then Supermiscela Espresso Casa is just what you need: you will be able to taste a gritty coffee, with a unique and unmistakable taste that will satisfy not only the most difficult tastes, but also the most demanding coffee connoisseurs!

The Blend

If you are looking for the aroma of coffee par excellence, Caffè Aiello offers Supermiscela Espresso Casa which, even after the first sip, recalls excellent quality raw materials and absolutely unbeatable. It will win your heart (and your palate) if you are looking for it:

  • a gritty, powerful coffee with an intense and energizing taste;
  • a daily pleasure that can accompany even the most stressful moments;
  • a healthy and genuine Made in Italy product, which hardly disappoints expectations.

The Supermiscela Espresso Casa is the gift that you can give to those who love a coffee made properly, which does not change its taste if made at home rather than at the bar. The charge, adrenaline and intensity remain the same: what changes is the fact that you don’t need to take a step from your home or office!

In this way, Caffè Aiello gives you the optimal solution to save time, pamper yourself and always have an excellent quality blend at hand. Connect to the shop and buy the Supermiscela Espresso Casa Caffè Aiello: you’ll get the excellence you didn’t want so much.

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