Coffee lovers are not all the same: some prefer a classic coffee, others enjoy trying different aromas to taste something different. Do you identify with the first group? Are you a bit “old-fashioned” and stick to the cup prepared by your grandmother? Then the Classic Blend will surely make you happy! At the bar or at home, alone or in company, a good classic coffee is an evergreen that will never fade away: the full-bodied and intense taste can immediately convey the good mood and give you that extra boost to face an entire day. Do you want the right charge with a special flavour? Take a look at the shop and try Classic Coffee Blend Aiello in all its formats:

The Blend

The version proposed by Caffè Aiello for the Classic Blend contains all the facets of Robusta, a type of coffee so called because of the resistance to diseases and insects of the plant from which it derives. Thanks to the robustness not only of the plant, but also of the beans, the Classic Blend is presentable:

  • a strong, spicy and chocolaty flavour, greater body and an unmistakable aroma;
  • a particularly energetic drink, as the percentage of caffeine contained is between 1.7% and 3.5% against, for example, 1.3% of Arabica;
  • an excellent quality coffee, prepared only with carefully chosen and selected raw materials.

Choose Classic Aiello Coffee Blend if you prefer a full-bodied drink, with an intense flavour and a slightly higher than average amount of caffeine. Ideal to start the day in the best way, recharge your batteries during a business meeting or an afternoon of intense study. Share it with your friends and be inspired by one of the most popular coffee variations in the world!


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