Takeaway coffee? Caffè Aiello takes care of it!

If you’re in a hurry, you don’t have to give up your favorite coffee: take it with you! Now you can do it in complete safety thanks to Caffè Aiello take-away cups! These are disposable cups with a capacity of 240 ml (about 8 oz), entirely made of recyclable carton and equipped with a special lid so as not to lose even a drop.

You can also use our take-away cups for other drinks that are not necessarily coffee, such as cappuccino, tea or infusions: simply pour them inside, protect them by closing the lid and take them wherever you want. Hygiene and comfort are assured, as well as the guarantee of not dispersing the aroma during the journey.

Safe and protected, Caffè Aiello disposable glasses can also be placed in the car without the risk of getting dirty and, once drunk the contents, can be easily disposed of in full respect of the environment.

Buy recyclable carton take-away cups in our online shop: with a simple click you can receive them directly at home or in the office in a package of 100 pieces! And for the specific transport of espresso coffee, we recommend our 90 ml take-away cups.

The shipping cost can be calculated directly in the cart by entering the city where the delivery will take place.