Takeaway coffee is better with Caffè Aiello!

If every morning you arrive late at the office and you don’t have time to have breakfast, don’t give up the pleasure of a good coffee and choose the take-away cups signed Caffè Aiello!
Convenient, practical and equipped with a special lid to protect “the sacred content” to be carried to safety, they can contain 90 ml of coffee (about 3 oz), simply perfect to bring your favorite drink wherever you want.

Caffè Aiello take-away glasses are entirely made of recyclable carton in full respect of the environment and following the logic of disposable: once the coffee is finished, the cup can be easily disposed of without polluting or wasting.

Thanks to the Caffè Aiello take-away cups you can enjoy your espresso as, where and when you want! Practical, safe, hygienic, available with a click on our online shop: order them now and receive the pack of 100 coffee take-away cups at home, in the office, wherever you want. And for the transport of your other favorite drinks, check out the 240 ml disposable take-away cups.

The shipping cost can be calculated directly in the cart by entering the city where the delivery will take place.