Lovers of fine and quality coffee cannot do without Arabica Coffee: with its sweet and enveloping taste, sometimes acidic, it leaves an intense and long-lasting aftertaste and is one of the most requested by coffee drinkers because it is considered among the excellent qualities on the market.

Sit back and savour your tasty cup of coffee at any time of the day: in the morning, as a break in the middle of the morning or even in the afternoon, to take your eyes and mind off work.

Fragrant, sweet and lovable, the Arabica Blend is able to give moments of pure pleasure and delight the taste buds of true coffee lovers! To never be left without it, buy the Arabica Special Pack: make your personal stock and fill your pantry so that you never have to give up a unique and inimitable pleasure!

Arabica Special Pack content

The Aiello Coffee Arabica Special Pack contains:

  • 5 packs of Arabica Capsules, for a total of 50 capsules (10 capsules x 5 packs).

The Blend

To describe the most famous and widespread drink in the world, coffee lovers use terms such as Arabica Blend or Arabica Coffee, a variant that is much appreciated and in demand both for its properties and for its taste so characteristic that it is the favourite of many drinkers.

Based on this, Caffè Aiello could not but dedicate an entire line to this blend dedicated to those who love it:

  • a high quality coffee that lives up to expectations;
  • an unmistakable taste, typical of a beverage made only with selected raw materials;
  • a 100% Arabica blend, whose components are derived from the same plant.

Do these characteristics correspond to everything you look for in a cup of coffee? Then the Arabica blend of Caffè Aiello is just what you were looking for! Taste it at any time of your day, relax, close your eyes and let yourself be captivated by its captivating aroma!

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50 capsules

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