There are those who love a coffee with an intense and enveloping flavour, those who prefer it aromatic and fragrant and those who, on the contrary, prefer it classic and full-bodied. Coffee lovers are not all the same and often, when several people live in the same house, it is difficult to agree on the coffee blend to be purchased to satisfy different tastes and needs.

Precisely for this reason, Caffè Aiello proposes the purchase of the Tasting Special Pack that contains 40 capsules with different aromas and blends! This is a solution suitable not only for couples or families, but also for singles who want to start their day with a different sprint starting from different coffee tastes! With the Tasting Special Pack, moreover, it will be possible to taste every single blend with the support of an exceptional kit!

Contents of the Tasting Special Pack

The Aiello Coffee Tasting Special Pack contains:

  • 1 pack of Classic Capsules;
  • 1 pack of 100% Organic Arabica Capsules;
  • 1 pack of Intense Capsules;
  • 1 pack of Decaffeinated Capsules;
  • 1 tasting kit composed by 50 small glasses, 50 pallets and 50 sugar sachets.

The Blends

The idea of the Tasting Special Pack was born from the desire of Caffè Aiello to make available to its customers a wide variety of blends of the house with a single purchase. In this way, it will be possible to taste:

  • a pure and sweet aroma, as well as full-bodied, with the Classic Blend;
  • a sweet, perfect and refined aftertaste typical of the 100% Organic Arabica Blend;
  • strongly spicy and toasted notes, characteristic of the Intense Blend;
  • a rich and full-bodied taste, absolutely unchanged, of the Decaffeinated Blend.
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