Coffee lovers know this: when different blends meet, if well balanced, they can create a simply unique and irresistible product. Their union allows you not to have to choose between various options of aroma, character and intensity, but to have different ones all enclosed in a single cup of coffee. To satisfy this request, Caffè Aiello offers its customers the Supermiscela: incredibly varied but perfectly blended, it is the best solution to satisfy different tastes and preferences, especially if you have guests at home or if you can’t really get along with your family!

The Blend

The Supermiscela by Caffè Aiello is ideal to prepare just one mocha in the morning and, with a single blend, make everyone happy; or, to surprise friends, relatives and colleagues with a completely versatile after-dinner drink to every single personal taste. You can’t absolutely miss it inside your pantry if you’re looking:

  • Different aromas, but in perfect balance;
  • A unique taste that only a well-balanced blend can offer;
  • Carefully chosen grinded and mixed together according to precise rules.

Always keep a stockpile of Supermiscela at home so you never find yourself unprepared and enjoy it even alone, in front of the TV, listening to your favourite music or the morning after waking up, watching the sun rise. Enjoy a moment of pure pleasure thanks to Caffè Aiello and let yourself be captured by the intense taste and unmistakable aroma of its Supermiscela!



250 gr









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